1. HPP ( Hydroelectric Power Plant) Korkuteli-1 730kw has been designed as a Project and has been delivered to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of energy production using the drinkable water line.
  2. HPP ( Hydroelectric Power Plant) Korkuteli-2 200kw has been designed as a Project and has been delivered to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of energy production using the drinkable water line.
  3. HPP ( Hydroelectric Power Plant) Finike-3 638kw has been designed as a Project and has been delivered to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of energy production using the drinkable water line.
  4. Scientific and Technological Research Projects Writing and Application Training in the fields of Engineering and Health Technologies TUBiTAK Project, 2237-TUBiTAK Project Trainin Programme, Continues.
  5. “Conception, implementation and anchoring vocational trainings for the monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems and regenerative heating systems in residential buildings”, Other Projects Supported by EU, 713-229, Member of the Project Team, Continues.
  6. Bucak Science Fair (Bucak BilFest) TUBiTAK Project, 4007-Science Fair Supporting Programme Expert, Continue.
  7. Mathematical Modelling of the Gasification of Coal-Biomass Mixture in Fluidized Bed Technology, BAP other, FKA-2018-3222, Manager, Continues.
  8. “Modeling and Simulations of Supercritical Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (SCFBC) power Plant”, Scientific Research Project, PH-1-MG-9/PAK_TURK/R&D/HEC/2017, Manager, Continues.
  9. The role of renewable energy resources in the decreasement of carbon footprint in residential buildings, BAP Master, FYL-2017-2652, Manager, 2018.
  10. The Inspection of the properties of the biomass produced through the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste and lignite coal BAP, Research Project, FBA-2016-1594, Researcher, Continues.
  11. Design of an Air-Conditioner Unit Supported by Solar Energy, BAP, Masters Degree, FYL-2015-647 Manager, 2016.
  12. Data Analysis, Engine Selection and Modelling of 4MW Trigeneration System, BAP Master, FYL-2015-520, Manager, 2016.
  13. The Research of th Potential of Renewable Energy Gain for Sustainable Drinkable Water Systems BAP, Others, FDK-2015-1159, Researcher, 2018.
  14. The Research of th Potential of Renewable Energy Gain for Sustainable Drinkable Water Systems TUBiTAK Project, 114Y203, Researcher, 2017.
  15. Increasing the efficiency of vacuum tubed solar collctors, KOSGEB R&D Innovation project supported by other Public Institutes, Consultant, 2015.
  16. The Experimental Observation of the Usage of Gas on System Performance in Naturally Circulated Closed System Solar Collector Platforms TUBiTAK Project, 114M747, Manager, 2015.
  17. Increasing The Efficiency of Vacuum Tubed solar Collectors with a developed apparatus and developed storage, KOSGEB R&D Innovation Project Supported by other Public Institutions, Consultant, 2013.
  18. Civic Education for Turkish Soldiers, Other Projects Supported by EU, MIYE, Expert, 2016.
  19. Installation of the Central Laboratory at Nigde University, ministry of Development(DPT), DPT 2010 K 121260, Researcher, 2011.
  20. The modelling of Circulated Fluidized Bed Caustics Which Cauterize Biomass TUBiTAK Project, 109M167, Manager, 2011.
  21. Clean Coal Technology –Modelling, Simulation and Data Analysis, TKi R&D Project Supported by Other Public Institutions, Researcher, 2009.


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